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For over a decade, Steward Capital has been partnering with people to preserve, manage and grow their financial wealth.

As an independent wealth management business our goal is to help you make appropriate decisions regarding your money. We place a strong emphasis on our client relationships and believe in working closely with you to provide solutions tailored to meet your specific needs and goals. Our name reflects what we believe to be our core responsibility - the Stewardship of our client’s wealth.

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The Navigator 33: The Global Tax Cartel

Benjamin Franklin famously said “...but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”

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The Infrastructure Drive

In September 2018, the South African government announced the Infrastructure Fund Initiative that is focused on transforming the country’s..

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Fight instincts to back perennial winners

Which fund would you buy today, without knowing anything more about them? A top­ quartile fund returning 30 per cent over three years...

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SPAC Attack

SPACs, or ‘Special-Purpose Acquisition Company’, are the latest investment frenzy as investors ranging from hedge funds to everyday...

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Antitrust - the ‘Big Tech’ Debate

Over the past decade as we have shifted into the digital economy, technology has become more ingrained in our everyday life and as...

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What Our Clients Say

I am a long term investor, primarily offshore.  Steward Capital has constantly given me returns that are above average.  What I like is their professional and measured approach to investing, using quality fund managers offshore.  They run a lean operation and the fee structure reflects this. I recommend Steward Capital as a wealth Management firm to cater for all your financial needs.

- Mark Bielovich

We have been involved with members of the Steward Capital Team since 2009, during this time our financial affairs have been very satisfactorily handled over several volatile investment periods.  The company believes in a relationship approach, which coupled with an open and honest manner in dealing with us, has been most rewarding.  Of particular importance is that Steward Capital is able to present our current and forecasted financial affairs in a readily comprehensible format for non-financial investors.  We could not have wished for a better partner in business.

- John & June Allan

At Steward Capital, before a cent is invested, they work to understand their client’s needs and then they meticulously strategise the best solution. Our returns have been extremely pleasing however, Steward Capital’s real value is that even if markets had gone the other way over the past few years, the strategy would have held, putting us on the right side of any downturn.  They provide exactly what I want from a relationship with my financial partner:  No big promises, except for a really good sleep at night.

- Justin Foxton

I would like to just thank you so much for always being there when I need you, for your prompt replies, assurances and many explanations!!  It is so reassuring to know that there is someone one can turn to if needed.

- Anita Asherson

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent service the team at Steward Capital provide.  Your integrity is beyond reproach.  The peace of mind I enjoy knowing that my financial affairs are in the safe expert hands of Steward Capital is priceless. You have always gone above and beyond with anything I have required in past years and I look forward to our long happy association for years to come.

- Lyn Cooper

I have a ten year association with the partners of Steward Capital, during which time I have enjoyed good, solid  advice, coupled with market returns which have exceeded my expectations.  I recommend this financial practice to investors requiring sound bespoke solutions, administered with the correct measure of professionalism, knowledge and humility.

- Marco Dagnolo

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